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COLLECTING INVENTORY collects used soccer cleats to redistribute them to kids who need them locally and abroad. We collect used cleats in various ways including from our drop-off locations, at local events, our youth volunteer program and we also offer local pick-ups. 

Once we have the cleats we deep clean and sanitize the cleats. It's our goal to leave them as squeaky clean as possible using our official cleaning partners, Boot Buddy! With Boot Buddy we are able to perform a deep clean from top to bottom. Once the cleats are cleaned thoroughly and look almost new, we finish by spraying them down with Lysol disinfectant spray to make sure the cleats are ready to be used again once we donate them!

After the cleats have been cleaned, our volunteers sort the cleats by size, brand, and gender. This makes it easy to pull inventory to fulfill any cleats requested from the local community. Our volunteers do a great job sorting and labeling the cleats to ensure clean cleats are able to be donated!

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