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The most exciting part for is once we have inventory ready to donate! Whether we donate cleats locally, abroad, or keep them handy for our next donation drive event, we are committed to continue to find underprivileged areas to donate the cleats we collect.  

In 2021, we had two very successful donation drives in Baja Mexico; in April and a fun holiday event in December. We connected with over 50 kids who love the sport but didn't have the proper equipment. We provided a pair of cleats for every child, uniforms, and soccer balls for the children to continue participating in the beautiful game. We will continue to find places internationally we can positively impact with our collection of used soccer cleats/equipment. 


In March 2022, we were lucky enough to be invited to support the San Diego Loyal in their used cleat drive. They were collecting used soccer cleats to donate to Barrio Logan College Institute's after-school soccer program. We successfully connected with the Loyal in San Diego and dropped off 27 pairs of cleats they would later deliver to the after-school program. We are excited to continue working with the San Diego Loyal and other great organizations that look to continue growing the sport in our country. 

The team & volunteers setting up to give away the cleats during the December 2022 holiday drive in Baja Mexico. 

The kids at Barrio Logan College receiving some of the cleats we contributed to SD Loyal's used cleat drive. The kids received the cleats on March 10th 2022. 

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