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Hear what others are saying about the work of

We are bringing the soccer community together…

"Had about three pairs of cleats in my closet that were back from the glory days and got the opportunity to donate them. Nothing is more rewarding than giving the next generation an opportunity to enjoy the sport I love so much. What a great idea! Keep up the work and I will be donating my next pair as well!"

Chadney Hill 

" is such an amazing charity and all proceeds are going to a great cause. There are so many opportunities to donate cleats to help children in need. The best part is seeing the photos of the kids receiving the cleats that are being donated. I highly recommend taking an opportunity to donate cleats or even reach out to FUTBL and see how you can help!"

Arlene Pastrana

"As someone who loves the game, I think this idea is amazing. By helping the kids in need it will create life long memories and bring joy to their lives."

Alejandro G.

"Fantastic idea and story! What a great way to support those in need through the love of the game!!! So many of us take for granted on what other go without!

Soccer is a spot that ties in the community, and now is allowing us to make that connection with this that need it most!"

Peter Carey

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