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Our Story

There are more than 265 million active people playing soccer in about 211 countries around the world. And the majority of these countries have high poverty and various social-economic issues making it difficult for children to play soccer with the proper equipment. The United States has about 6.9 million kids (ages 6-17) playing soccer annually and growing out of cleats or upgrading their cleats about every 5-6 months. The potential of collecting used soccer cleats in the U.S. to donate them to children abroad, will not only make children smile but can prove to be life-changing to some children.

The global superstars we recognize today that came from second and third-world countries like Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and Kenya – at one point played in the streets barefoot, yet their love for the game kept them playing. Right now, soccer is growing in the U.S. at all ages from youth leagues to the new professional leagues. We have the opportunity to grow with the local soccer communities in the U.S. and be part of life-changing moments for those in need around the world. is committed to supporting youth players looking for resources to succeed on the field. To strengthen communities in second and third-world countries looking for help to make their dreams become a reality.

The U.S. plays soccer as a sport while in other countries, soccer is their life. In most cases, it also keeps children off the street and away from gang violence.

If those children don’t have soccer cleats or the opportunity to participate in a sport, there is a greater chance they can find themselves going down the wrong path. All of our efforts are to help keep children off the streets and on the field with donated soccer cleats.

IMG_1877 (1).JPG

The team/volunteers December 2021 at the annual holiday donation event in Baja California, Mexico.


Racism, poverty, religious conflicts, and government corruption – just a few social issues going on around the world today. Yet, a whistle blows, and for the next 90 minutes countries of peace. Our vision is a world where kids with nothing, can enjoy the beautiful game and have access to resources like a pair of soccer cleats. is a community that is committed to bringing a smile to kids around the world one pair of soccer cleats at a time.


A world where we no longer have children walking onto a fútbol pitch bare foot.

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